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Jumbo Stat (Dissipative Bag)

Every bag is made with utmost care, by well trained manpower to attend the perfect Dissipative properties and these bags are frequently tested as per standard IEC / ISO 61340- 4 -by reputed Laboratories to ensure, utmost safety during usage.

Our bag is made with special IDP Coating. The coating is permanent and humidity independent. This coating helps to...

Reduce tribocharging during filling and discharging, because of material capability to neutralize charge separation
Prevent spark discharges, propogating brush discharges because of the material capability to alternate discharge phenomenon
Reduce electrostatic field from the fabric surface, because of charge neutralization by ions

Our solution is not based on conductive threads with carona discharging. Our sample bag passed the Chilworth Test for Incendivity (Gas Probe Test), according to IEC 61340-4-4.

Safe Use

To transport flammable powders
When flammable or gas present around the bag

Do not use

When the surface is contaminated or coated with conductive material such as water or grease

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