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Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC) are widely used for storage, transportation and handling of powder, flake or granular materials. Typically they are constructed from woven polypropylene (PP) fabric in the form of cubic bags. The fabric used may be a single layer, with extra loose liner, or laminated. The UV treated PP is a good electrical insulator. Due to this, during filling and discharge time there is a steady accumulation of charge, within the product which is transferred to the walls of the bag. If left unchecked this static build-up may result in spark discharges from the surface of the FIBC or the charging of adjacent isolated conductors such as people or unearthed metal, by induction. Couple this with the risk of power being thrown in to atmosphere to ignite resulting in a fire on an explosion. Such an occurrence would most likely lead to injury and major damage to the plant and environment

FIBC manufacturers are aware of these static risks and special groundable and dissipative bags are developed to overcome these problems.

Available to industry are four type of FIBCs known as Jumbo A, Jumbo B, Jumbo Earth and Jumbo Stat. The following classification seems to have been generally adopted by industry.

In new product range, Jumbo bag has installed flat loom (Sulzer) to produce various type of speciality fabric such as ventilated fabric, conductive fabric for many more industrial application .

These fabrics are used to make FIBC of various applications such as breathable bags for vegetable packing, Type C bags for static nature chemicals
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